Tired Of The Same Old
Promotional Handouts?
Try The One That Really Works!
The Denver Street Guide.
Paper GPS

Pocket Size
Easy to carry and is not bulky
Having directions anytime for
at a glance. No satellite
uplink required.

Handy useful tool for finding
your way
No need to stop and ask
for directions
Quick Denver street lookup
always available

Large type
No need for magnifiers
easy to read

Professional looking
Full color imprint
Represents your company well

Low Cost
Added value to your
marketing efforts
Stay in front of your 
Market for less

Use Them Everywhere
*  Outgoing Mail
*  Local Coffee Shops
*  Dry Cleaners
*  Daycare Centers
*  Leave With Your Tip
*  Use As a Business Card
*  Use Your Imagination

Denver streets at a glance!
Folds up to carry in your
glove box or wallet!

Keep it in your purse!
Give it to someone needing directions!


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Business Card
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 Pocket Street Guide

City Street Guide

Metro Street Guide
for Denver Colorado 

You will find the Denver Street Guide useful and easy to read. It has been developed to be in the visor or in the front trays of your auto so as to have ready access to streets. It's a good fit for the wallet or purse. It’s a great handout and should give many exposures to you and your company.

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